Revised Shipping

We have revised the shipping fees from September 18, 2020.

Until now.
3,240 yen or more for free.
Except for that, the national uniform is 201 yen.

From this.

3,240 yen or more for free.
618 yen for a national uniform of 200g or more and 4kg
201 grams or less a year or less, 201 yen
he said.

So far, I had to send a simple shipment because of the cost of a shipping charge centered on dashi, but the number of products increased gradually, and the average shipping rate has increased considerably.
The shipping charge for dashi will be deferred to the two sets, even if it is set to be delivered in the second set.The SHIITAKE is also a simple route if it is a single item.Only when you have purchased other products, this is the usual shipping price.

Please take a good time to come.