The nutritious tomatoes are delicious, good, good, and good skin, the best vegetables, the best vegetables!

Greetings, the hot summers are coming closer.Talking of vegetables in summer, tomatoes!

Actually, this tomato isn't just a delicious tomato.It is good for the body, and it's good for beauty.exactlythe most powerful vegetableThat's right.

In this article, let' s take a look at the secret of such tomatoes!


Why is tomatoes tasty?

It's a very popular tomato as a delicious vegetable, but why is it so tasty?

This is a vegetable that has even been tried in the past if it's not a vegetable, but a fruit that's close to fruit.

the delicious secret of tomatoes is often included as a constituentglutamic acidfor the

It's not very familiar in Japan, but if you look at the world, you see a lot of the tomatoes in Europe,Odashiare used as a part of the service.

in the European Union,"There is no dish at the time of tomatoes."for they are said to have been a good ingredient of delicious taste.


Why is tomatoes good for our health?

Tomatoes.lycopinIt contains a lot of nutrients.The reason why the tomatoes are red is because the rikopin itself is red.

And the rikopin.Antioxidationis also the process of removing active oxygen.This active oxygen is a bad substance that leads to lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and arteriosclerosis.

In addition, rechopin is also known to be effective in preventing cancer and diabetes.If you look at the effects of the tomatoes, then you will.

  • the prevention of cold
  • Prevention of diabetes
  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarc
  • Improvocal metabolic sindrome
  • Improving lipid anomaly
  • prevents blood pressure from rising
  • promotes digestive absorption in the large intestine and intestine
  • (2) Drunken measures

is too much. (Laughter)

It seems like I'll fix most of the bad symptoms I know of the time.

I have a lot to do with European proverb."When the tomatoes turn red, the doctor will turn pale."is said to be the one.Do you have such a convenient vegetable for your health?

Incidentally, the point of eating is:make entanging with heating or oilAs a matter of fact, it is said that the absorption rate of nutrients increases, so try it out.


Why are tomatoes so good for your skin?

Tomatoes that are said to be good for your health.Actually,It's good for your skin.I understand.God seemed too much of a talent for tomatoes.

It's also abundant here.lycopinis a good job.

  • It has the effect of disappearing melanin, and we lose the shimi and it's a beautiful white.
  • It stimulates the generation of the coolagen, suppresses the cynoles, and the skin is beautiful.
  • Dietary effect, too!

A rikopine is an nutrient that grows as ripe when it is red and ripe.

If you're looking for tomatoes in a supermarket, you can choose a red tomato.


First of all, from making tomatoes every day,

As you can see, tomatoes, which are good and good for your body, can be called super food.

Let' s take it into the habit of daily life.

There is also a study that the rekopin is good in absorption in the morning.It's good to eat tomatoes on the breakfast every morning, isn't it?

In hot summer,It's tomatoes.The soymilk soup that uses it is recommended.Let' s begin such a habit that is very good and delicious.


The tomatoes from the Shiitake Festival are here.