Shiitake mushroom shop explains how to save shiitake mushrooms

I have a shiitake soup stock shop called Shiitake Festival. This is Takemura.
This time, I will explain how to preserve shiitake mushrooms deliciously. Shiitake mushrooms, which are fungi, do not last very long. If you use the wrong storage method, it will soon be damaged or discolored, and the flavor will be lost. Let's know the correct way to store shiitake mushrooms and enjoy them until the end!

The weakest point of shiitake is water

Wipe off the water from the shiitake mushrooms

I think that shiitake mushrooms have the image of growing up in a damp place. The image is not so wrong in cultivation, but when it comes to preserving shiitake mushrooms, this water becomes a natural enemy.

A major premise when preserving shiitake mushrooms isAvoid moisture and store as dry as possibleIt is.

So"Wipe off the water from the shiitake mushrooms after washing them with water.」。
Please do this thoroughly.
(Detailed article:Be sure to wash and heat mushrooms, not just raw shiitake mushrooms. )

4 ways and places to save deliciously

① Store at room temperature (up to several days)

If you don't store it for a long time and want to use it immediatelyAt normal temperatureLet's save it with. When storing at room temperature, the humidity in the room is a concern.Put it in a plastic bag with a desiccantI am relieved. Also, pay attention to how to place the shiitake mushrooms.Shiitake mushrooms head down, axis upIs recommended. This is because the spores inside the cap fall off and the flavor is impaired. After arranging them neatly, leave them in a cool and dark place.

② Store in the refrigerator (~ 1 week)

If you want to keep it for a few daysRefrigeratewill do. In the refrigeratorDry due to low temperaturedoing. This is because the saturated water vapor content is low at low temperatures and a large amount of water cannot exist in the air. It's the same reason why it dries in winter. Therefore, it can be said that it is a comfortable space for shiitake mushrooms. However, let's devise here as well.I'll use kitchen paper or newspaper as a futon.This absorbs the water that could not be removed. Put it in a plastic bag and put your head down in the same way, and it's perfect.

③ Store frozen (~ 1 month)

Freeze after cutting the shiitake mushroom shaft

If you do not plan to use it for a whilefrozenTo do. This method is the most recommended, and it is more convenient to keep it frozen even if you do not store it for a long time. If you want to store it frozenCut off the stones (the hard part at the tip of the shiitake mushroom shaft), and then separate the shaft from the umbrella.This is because the shaft is hard and difficult to cut even if you want to cut it after freezing.

If you want to use it for hot pot or stir-fry, it is easier to use it if you cut the umbrella part into bite-sized pieces with a kitchen knife in advance.
AndPut it in a bag for each amount used up and put it in the freezer.can enter. This way you can take it out of the freezer and use it for cooking right away. In fact, mushrooms such as shiitake mushrooms tend to break their cell membranes once frozen.Umami ingredients are easy to come outIt is said that.

④ Store in the sun (~ several months)

Sun-dried shiitake mushrooms

When dried shiitake mushrooms, the umami taste will be different.
Frozen shiitake mushrooms are much more delicious than raw shiitake mushrooms, and dried shiitake mushrooms are much more delicious than frozen shiitake mushrooms.

Moreover, it is said that the amount of vitamin D in shiitake mushrooms increases when it is dried in the sun. It may take some time, but it is also recommended to dry it in the sun on a sunny day.When drying in the sun, cut off the stones like frozen shiitake mushrooms, and then dry in the sun with the umbrella down and the shaft up.If the sunlight is strong, such as in summer, it will take 2 to 3 days, and even in winter, when the sunlight is weak, it will become dry shiitake mushrooms just by drying it on a sunny day for 3 to 5 days.

At this time, it will be easier to use if you cut the shaft or slice it and then dry it to make it easier to use, so let's dry it after shaping it to your liking. Although it is relatively common, after drying in the sun, it may give a half-finished finish that makes you think that it is not completely dry. In such a case, let's dry it secondarily with a food dryer. If you don't have a food dryer, you can use it as it is, but if water remains inside, it tends to get messy. If you put it in a zip lock bag together with silica gel and store it, it is safe from the viewpoint of storage.

Summary of how to save shiitake mushrooms

  • The weak point of shiitake mushrooms ismoisture
    DryLet me save
  • Raw shiitake mushrooms are washed with water and heated before eating.
  • At normal temperatureRefrigerateFrozen, sun-driedTo use properly.
    The easiest isfrozen!


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