What causes children's likes and dislikes? Food education ideas overcome with umami ingredients and fun memories

"I want to eliminate my child's likes and dislikes, but I don't know what to do."

"Maybe you'll only eat what you like for a long time..."

I think there are many parents who are troubled by their children's likes and dislikes in this way.In this article, I'd like to see why there are so many likes and dislikes of children and how to deal with them.


Why do children like and dislike so much?

I liked the food I hated when I was a child when I became old.I think that there are many people who have had such an experience.Why do children like and dislike so much?

Children's likes and dislikes are on the tongue"Taste Buds"It is related to the sensor that feels the taste.The more "taste buds", the more sensitive they are to taste, but in fact, there are more "taste buds" in children than adults.Children who are sensitive to taste are more likely to feel the taste that they are not good at.

Do you know that there are five typical tastes in taste?It is [sweetness, salty taste, umami, bitterness, sourness].Let's look at each taste in terms of children's likes and dislikes.


Children's favorite sweetness, salty taste, umami

Sweetness, salty taste, and umami inform the body that it contains a lot of energy, minerals, and proteins necessary to live.

Because it is a food necessary for growth for children,I feel delicious.It is.


Bitterness and sourness that children are not good at

Bitterness and sourness are flavors that inform the body of the presence of poison and decay.If it is poison or rot, I want you to spit it out,They feel badIt is.

The problem is that it has bitterness and acidity, even if it is nutritious and good food for the body.No matter how much an adult wishes to eat, it is only disgusting to children.


Does likes and dislikes have to do with memories of the past?

It is said that likes and dislikes are related to the person's memories of the past.

  • I still hate the peppers I ate while being scolded as a child.
  • I don't like oysters that broke my stomach after eating.

Memories may be related to likes and dislikes as it is.

Strict education to force people to eat can encourage likes and dislikes.



Measures against likes and dislikes that you want to try

Based on the causes of likes and dislikes introduced so far, we will introduce how to deal with likes and dislikes that you want to practice with children.


(1) Praise if you eat a bite. Don't scold me if I don't eat.

Easy:★★★Anytime, anywhere:★★★

Eating something you're not good at is a very courageous behavior for a child.If you ate even a bite, I'll praise you a lot.

If you can't eat, don't scold me.If the food in front of you left you with bad memories, it will take time to overcome it again.


(2) Cook together

Easy:★★Anytime, anywhere:★  

When you cook together, you are interested in touching the ingredients.

Let's start with a simple help. It is easy for children to help by washing lettuce, tossing it by hand, and loosening the smeji.

It is also effective to show how to cook and let you taste the freshly made secretly.I will make you feel pounding like when you are playing a prank together.There is a special magic that makes you want to say something that you are not good at.


 ③Use the umami of dashi

Easy:★★Anytime, anywhere:★

  • I don't eat mushrooms, but for some reason I can only eat mushroom soup.
  • I don't like to make it, but I can eat it when I bake it and put on somenyu.
  • You can eat daikon radish with a taste.

There seem to be a lot of children like this.The reason is in the soup stock with plenty of umami ingredients.The depth of the dish is created by combining the salty taste and sweetness of the child with the umami. By using the power of dashi,It may overturn the ratings of the food you didn't like.


(4) Create opportunities to get used to what you're not good at

Easy:★Anytime, anywhere:★

Even if you're not good at it, you don't have a chance to like it if you don't have contacts. It's hard to prepare, but let's create an opportunity to touch your hand as much as possible.

  • Even if children are not good at it, they will put it on the table.
  • Ask your child to choose which ingredients to choose when shopping for ingredients they are not good at.
  • Grow and harvest vegetables in a kitchen garden or cultivation kit



(5) Three "change"

Easy:★Anytime, anywhere:★

The first impression of the food you eat for the first time is important. If you don't like the recipe and seasoning when you first eat it, it may not be a good time. Let's challenge again by changing the cooking method, seasoning, timing of the edding, etc.

  • Change the way you cook, such as boiling, frying, or eating raw food, if you can't bake it
  • Turn it into a dish that looks difficult to understand, such as chopping or 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  • Turn it into a snack such as juice, cake, etc.


What's important in eliminating likes and dislikes

Everyone is so cute about my child.I want you to grow up quickly and healthy with a well-balanced diet.Every parent would think so.It may have made the child as severe as it thought.

Children's likes and dislikes gradually decrease as they grow up.

What you can't eat now, and you can face positive things through lots of fun memories, so it's important to wait for your growth without being willing.



Let's summarize the contents so far.

Why do children like and dislike so much?

  • There are many sensor "taste buds" that feel the taste, and it is sensitive to taste.Because I feel a disgusting taste (bitterness and sourness) reminiscent of poison and rot more than necessary
  • Sometimes it's related to un enjoyed memories of the past.

To eliminate likes and dislikes, it is important to:

  • I'll make fun memories of food.
  • If that doesn't work, wait for growth.

Even if there is food that is not good at it, the child will grow up strong.First of all, enjoy "food" with children.Take it easy and face it in the long future.

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