Be sure to wash and heat mushrooms, not just raw shiitake mushrooms.

There is a debate in the world about shiitake mushrooms, which are washed and not washed, but in the first place, they are not limited to shiitake mushrooms.Mushrooms = fungi must be washed and heatedPlease think.

Why wash mushrooms with water

Our shiitake mushrooms are cultivated in the mountains using raw wood, the traditional method of open-field cultivation, and without pesticides. Therefore, dust, dirt, and small insects may form on it.Be sure to wash lightly with waterPlease try to.

I want to remove small insects cleanly! In that caseSoak raw shiitake mushrooms in salt water with a salt concentration of 3 to 5% for 1 to 3 minutes.By doing so, you can also remove insects that have entered small areas.

e! Are there any bugs on mushrooms? !!
Some may say that. But the same goes for vegetables such as cabbage.Pesticide-free cultivation is inevitable from the risk of insectsIt is.

In addition, in the case of fungal bed cultivation or house cultivation, the risk is slightly reduced because it does not come into direct contact with nature, but it still does not reach zero, so if you are interested, we recommend that you even soak in salt water.

Be sure to cook the mushrooms

I often get the question, "Mushrooms can be eaten raw, so is shiitake mushrooms okay?"Be sure to cookPlease be so. Occasionally, raw mushrooms made into salads come out overseas, but there are cases where even mushrooms are eaten and hit.

Why you need to cook

Mushrooms contain proteolytic enzymes, so eating them raw can cause stomach upset.* Proteolytic enzymes also work to make meat tender when mushrooms and meat are mixed. So, after softening the meat, let's heat it well!

It is said that proteolytic enzymes disappear when heated to 80 ° C to 100 ° C, so be sure to cook them properly! It is a fungus to the last, so it is safer to eat it through the fire.
Please wash and heat properly and spend the best mushroom life!