Did you know that there are "raw wood shiitake mushrooms" and "mycelial bed shiitake mushrooms" in shiitake mushrooms?

Hello. This is Takemura from the Shiitake Festival.
We usually develop shiitake mushroom soup stock and sell shiitake mushroom cultivation kits.
I also eat shiitake mushrooms all over the country as a hobby.

Many people think that the season for shiitake mushrooms is autumn, but the season for natural shiitake mushrooms is the cold season, from November to February, and it is time to announce the beginning of the season for shiitake mushrooms. ..

It's the season for shiitake mushrooms, and this time, I've summarized the proper use of log shiitake mushrooms and fungal bed shiitake mushrooms, which I often don't know much about when talking to many customers.

Differences in classification between log shiitake mushrooms and fungal bed shiitake mushrooms

First of all, do you know the types of shiitake mushrooms that are generally sold, the log shiitake mushrooms and the fungal bed shiitake mushrooms?

↑ Shiitake mushrooms (mycelial bed) and (raw wood) clearly marked in the supermarket.
Actually, they are classified because there is a "Shiitake quality labeling standard" set by the Consumer Affairs Agency, but there are many people who are not aware of it in the first place.

The main difference between log shiitake mushrooms and fungal bed shiitake mushrooms
(1) Growth method, (2) Time required for harvesting, (3) Price (based on (1) and (2)).

◯ Log Shiitake mushroom
Logs of logs refer to trees (mainly hardwoods). In other words, it takes about one to two and a half years to harvest because it is a method of injecting shiitake mushrooms into trees to grow shiitake mushrooms. Since it is a time-consuming method, it costs a lot of labor and it is an old cultivation method (it is said that Japan established the cultivation method for the first time), so there are not many overseas and many of them are domestically produced.

◯ Bacterial bed shiitake mushroom
On the other hand, the fungus bed is a method of growing bacteria in a fungus bed (mushroom bed in English) that is a mixture of shattered sawdust and nutrients, and it grows in about 6 months until harvest. This cultivation method also originated in Japan, but since then it has spread overseas, and fungal bed cultivation has become the mainstream overseas.

I see, i see~. Certainly, if the training method changes, the price will change.
But, are there any differences when eating each shiitake mushroom? ??
I thought it was selfish. So
I have described in more detail the proper use of log shiitake mushrooms and fungal bed shiitake mushrooms, which I personally do.


Proper use of log shiitake mushrooms and fungal bed shiitake mushrooms for eating

For log shiitake mushrooms:
Log shiitake mushrooms take a long time to grow, so they tend to have a fragrance, so I think they are suitable for cooking dried shiitake mushrooms and soup stock. However, if the scent is too strong, it may be possible depending on the bacterial species, so I think that many people who are not good at shiitake mushrooms do not like the scent of log shiitake mushrooms. Raw log shiitake mushrooms can maintain the texture of pre-prepared mushrooms, but if dried shiitake mushrooms are reconstituted, the pre-prepared texture will be reduced, so it is recommended to use raw shiitake mushrooms as much as possible when making stir-fried foods. ..

For fungus bed shiitake mushrooms:
Since the fungus bed shiitake mushrooms are mainly raw shiitake mushrooms, they are suitable for stir-fried dishes that make the most of the texture like log shiitake mushrooms. Also, if you add the taste to Tsukudani, it may actually have a better taste than the log shiitake mushrooms. Since the fragrance is not strong as a whole, it is easy to eat even for people who are not good at shiitake mushrooms. However, since dry shiitake mushrooms are not suitable, raw shiitake mushrooms produce almost no soup stock. It is said that both raw wood shiitake mushrooms and fungal bed shiitake mushrooms tend to have a delicious taste when stored frozen, so it is recommended to store the surplus shiitake mushrooms frozen.

It's a rough idea, but did you understand it somehow?
Log shiitake mushrooms often have less water content than fungal bed shiitake mushrooms, so it is also an ant to use different dishes after seeing the actual ones. Since the taste of shiitake mushrooms with a large amount of water does not easily bleed, stir-fry them to remove the water. Stew log shiitake mushrooms with low water content. And. Therefore, it is sometimes misunderstood that log shiitake mushrooms are not always the best quality, and fungal bed shiitake mushrooms are not the best cost performance, and there are different ways to use them.

Finally, in the truest sense, the most important thing when thinking about shiitake mushrooms
Shiitake mushroom = fungus species x tree type x environment x[Cultivation method]
What is it?

Therefore, I can't talk about log shiitake mushrooms and fungal shiitake mushrooms all together.In fact, Japanese shiitake mushrooms are not sold by bacterial species, so you have to make a judgment based only on the cultivation method and production area.

(... If you think so, please check the supermarket log shiitake mushroom and fungus bed shiitake mushroom label attached at the beginning.)

So, first of all, I would like you to know the difference between the cultivation method and individuality, make a decision according to the purpose of each dish, etc., and lead a happy shiitake life as much as possible!🍄