Nehan rice ~ What heals me ~ Nirvana Eating ~ what heals us ~

This is a report on the event "Nehan Gohan" held in Shibuya last summer in 2019.


What is Nirvana rice?

Mr. Sugamoto, the organizer, said that when he held the rice ball and offered it, he said, "It's like a hot spring." Isn't the thought here related to food and healing? Is the hypothesis. However, at that time, I could not find any proper research by searching for food and healing. In other words, subjectively, there is a relationship between food and healing. (You can take a break during the lunch break at work.) However, I don't see any objective data.
In that case, if we can actually experience the most healing combination of eating experiences that we think and scientifically verify whether it brings healing, we can start with food and healing as much as possible. Isn't it possible to obtain? This is a food environment experiment to understand the relationship between food and healing.


How to carry out the experiment


How long should I consider when considering the dining environment?

I thought there was a way to set the time from the beginning to the end of eating, but I didn't think that the food could be anywhere and no matter how long it took. Thinking so this time
Table time (nehan rice) = behavior leading up to meal + meal itself (beginning to end) + behavior after meal

Defined as.


What are the factors that can affect food


There are various factors that can be considered as the environment, such as what kind of wind is blowing at room temperature, what kind of oxygen concentration is, what kind of music is playing, the scenery in sight, the attitude of eating, and so on.

We extracted the elements of healing while getting involved with experts in various fields.



What actions to take before and after eating

I searched for healing behaviors that are usually unconsciously performed before and after meals.
For example, wipe your face with a hot towel. When I thought about where it warmed up and felt good, I thought that it was an act of warming my eyes and nose. Actually, this is the same as the experience of "steam and eye mask". It may be nice to warm your eyes and nose.
Furthermore, take off your leather shoes at the izakaya and relax in the tatami room. I think it feels good to get rid of the pressure on the shoes and get close to bare feet.* As an aside, teamLab Planets, the teamlab I used to work for, also imagines a foot bath and tries to stimulate the five senses of people from their feet.
In addition, it feels best to lean on after a meal, and what kind of music is good in what situation, so I accumulated experiences and constructed this experiment.


How to verify if healed

This was done with the cooperation of the AP Division, which manages air conditioners for Panasonic Corporation.
Members who are usually studying the comfort index with air conditioners, etc. will come and measure the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, illuminance, etc. of the entire space, and then the experiencers will be asked to use the electrocardiogram sensor and heart rate sensor. I installed it and investigated whether it was healed from the actual data.
* However, due to time and space constraints, the number of samples is not large this time, so it is necessary to continuously acquire numbers in order to ensure it.


Nehan rice experience


About experimental results

The users who showed typical movements are listed below. (N = 26)
The subjective evaluation is based on the results of the above questionnaire survey.

Although the body temperature was held in midsummer, it was cold due to the air conditioning in the room, so it seems that the response gradually increased when drinking tea, eating rice balls, and drinking soup stock.

Satisfaction is satisfied and normal for 3_B1 and 1_B1, respectively, and many emotional changes occur.
Since the Y-axis is a positive reaction, 3_B1 goes up early, goes down after a meal, listens to music, and goes up again. 1_B1 is calm at the stage of listening to music from the beginning to the meal. On the other hand, for 3_B3, the data has run out a little, but only the meal is up, but it has been going down since then.

Summary of data

in conclusion