The method to preserve Shiitake mushrooms: Refrigeration/Refrigeration/Refrigeration/Oslume

This time, I would like to make a summary of how well the shiitake mushrooms can be preserved as they are preserved.

How to Save Ossmé

The big difference in how to preserve refrigeration, freezing and dryness is the retention period + texture and taste.
And the way you save Osms depends on the purpose of the dish you want to use.


a refrigerated shiitake if you use a texture

If you're planning to use your texture for cooking, the refrigerator will be preserved in the refrigerator.
After freezing and drying, the texture changes, so if the retention period is short and there is no problem, it is sufficient for the refrigeration.

It is a preserved method, but if mushrooms are left with a lot of water, it is easy to keep them in pain, so if you have a lot of moisture, you should wipe them up in a refrigerator and then put them in the refrigerator.

In addition, the shiitake mushrooms are more vivid to maintain the brightness of the shiitake mushrooms, so if they are likely to change their direction, they are better off.

Refrigerated raw shiitake mushrooms have a good texture and fragrance and are suitable for broiling or fried.However, the original Ushiitake mushroom is not savorable when it is made of soup or other products because it has a small flavor.


a frozen mushroom of all lounders

If there is a 'fresh mushroom mushroom,' or 'I can't eat it,' or 'I want to use it for nabemono,' Ossume-matsuitake mushroom is not lost, and it is a slum.
Refrigeration makes it easier to break the cell walls, which makes it easier to use for nabemono and so on.

Frozen shiitake mushrooms are in the freezer. Poi!
I don't know if I can do it, but if I can do it, I can make it more delicious and frozen.

The frozen method of Ossume is made by washing the water beforehand and then cutting the stone (the hard part on the tip of the shiitake mushroom).Or you can cut it into a slice of Kasa-based umbrella and then freeze it.

"Please wash the shiitake mushroom thoroughly."
It is often said in the market, and perhaps some of the questions might have been doubted.However, the mushrooms are basically in the middle of the fungi.It is very rare to cook a meal, so let' s wash and heat it properly.

And the reason for cutting the stone is the reason why the shiitake mushroom in the frozen state is mecharkic.It is easy to use the pan in a pan so that it can be put into a pot!There are some slices of the sliced you!


Dry vertebral mushrooms, if the soup broth is made of nabemono

"It's a long time for me to stay home, but it's clearing out."
"I'm going to have a little trouble, but I want to have a delicious soup stock."
For this, I want you to try a dry shiitake mushroom.

The shiitake mushroom is actually 15 times more savage by drying it.It's an overwhelming increase.So, when you eat soup or soup or nabemono, you exercise your ability.
In particular, the shiitake mushrooms are said to be easy to shape, fragrance, taste, and taste when drying, even if they are bought by supermarkets, it is especially easy to understand the difference.

It's dry, but it's fine if you dry three or five days off on a fine day.
If you pinch the day of the rain, you can put it in a zipprok to avoid moisture, and you can keep it.
If you have a household food dryer, you can dry it up and finish it, and you will be in Paris.It's all right, but it's good enough to grab a little bit, but it's good to put the drying agent in the bag for the sake of the first answer.If you have room for a freezer, you can store it in a freezer and keep it dry.It is said that the amount of vitamin D is increased when the sun is dried in the sun.



If you want to eat it, get the raw mushroom into the fridge.If there is no time, it's a freezer first.If you have time to do it, you'll get a good use of the dried shiitake mushroom.
If you have a very good idea of taking soup stock, you have the liquid vertebral mushroom soup of the Shiitake mushroom. oh dashiI will recommend you.

Ladis-sama, don't spend a better vertebrae life.