Tips on how to grow shiitake mushroom cultivation kits. To harvest a lot deliciously.

Hello. This is Takemura from the Shiitake Festival. I have compiled the tips of the cultivation kit as an article, making use of the knowledge that I have grown and sold more than hundreds of shiitake mushroom cultivation kits (a cultivation method called a fungus bed, in which sawdust is solidified into blocks and uses nutrients).
* Our product "Shiitake House" was discontinued in January 2020, so there is nothing to sell and it is not stealth marketing. Please be assured.

Not limited to our original product "Shiitake House", the shiitake cultivation kit using the fungus bed occurs repeatedly 1 to 3 times depending on the growing environment, and you can enjoy shiitake cultivation at home.

And in general, it is often possible to harvest about 10 to 30 plants in total, large and small, by multiple harvests. However, if a large amount of shiitake mushrooms are generated in the first time, or if they are too large, they may run out of nutrients on the fungal bed side and end up in one time.

Shiitake mushrooms do not grow infinitely, but grow as much as possible

The important point is"There is something like" total nutrition "in the shiitake mushroom bed."about it. Nutrition is used for the growth of shiitake mushrooms, so if the shiitake mushrooms grow too large or grow too much, they will lose their nutrition. (*)

First of all, I want to harvest a lot of delicious shiitake mushrooms if possible.

At that time, if you think that "delicious" = "strong fragrance",Shiitake mushrooms are better not to grow too largeis. When shiitake mushrooms grow large and the umbrella opens, spores tend to come out and the scent tends to weaken.

Let's harvest the shiitake mushrooms when the umbrella is facing inward, a little small.
Also, when it is likely to collide with other shiitake mushrooms, thinning out small shiitake mushrooms can reduce the waste of nutrition.
Just by being aware of the above, you will be able to suppress unnecessary enormous growth and harvest more shiitake mushrooms of appropriate size.

And it is actually from here that the difficulty level goes up.
As you may know if you have done the shiitake mushroom cultivation kit, the second and subsequent harvests will be much more difficult.
The reason why the difficulty increases is that the shiitake mushroom bed is often weakened by mold and germs on the joints of the shiitake mushrooms at the time of harvesting.


Beautifully harvest the shiitake mushroom shaft (the handle of the umbrella) without leaving it from the fungus bed

As shown in the photo above, we recommend cutting the shiitake mushrooms from the root as close to the fungus bed as possible! (But don't damage the fungus bed block)


The reason is that if a small amount of shiitake mushroom shaft remains, mold and the like can easily invade from there, and the weak shiitake mushrooms will soon lose. To prevent this from happening, let's harvest shiitake mushrooms from the root! We wish you all the best of luck!



For the time being, for those of you who are involved in shiitake mushroom cultivation troubles, I will also list the following.

For those who say, "Shiitake mushrooms don't grow! Why is this?"

Shiitake mushroom bed
① When it suddenly turns white
② When it becomes lighter
there is.

① is

・ Spores came out when left unharvested
・ Or mildew has invaded

It is possible.

In any caseSimply washing the Shiitake fungus bed lightly may restore the color and reactivate the cultivation!

② is

If it occurs independently of the harvest,The room may be extremely dry.

Are there water droplets on the inside of the shiitake cultivation kit bag? Basically, mushrooms grow in a humid environment. If there is no humidity, the action of bacteria will slow down.In this case, change the location of the room before flooding. 

In any case, it is important to be able to grow without getting into trouble, but if you really want to make a miracle reversal from trouble, try these measures.

Well then! Have a fun life with shiitake mushrooms! !!


Digression: Shiitake cultivation kit Road to infinite harvest

* It means that if you continue to add nutrition, it will grow indefinitely ...?
Please see the continuation only for those who think.

It is often unclear what and how shiitake mushrooms are needed, so please have a look for reference.

"There is something like" total nutrition "in the shiitake mushroom bed."
However, the energy source that requires shiitake mushrooms (katakana when explaining the bacteria) is
1. 1. Nutritional supplements added from the outside
2. 2. "Lignin" contained in hardwood
It is said that.

In other words, if you continue to add the above 1 + 2 under the condition that the bacteria are circulating, it will grow infinitely. I think so.

I also tried it while adding nutritional supplements, but the bacteria did not turn to the lignin side of 2 (at that time I added a medium of sawdust and stuck it), and eventually it grew a little from the area where it originally grew. It ended in about.

As a cause of failure that I think,
・ As the fungus gradually grows and colonies are formed, a repellent reaction occurs in the fungus against a new culture site. It may be possible if there is no problem on the culture site side.
・ There may have been a problem in controlling the temperature and humidity of the place where they are grown together, not in the new culture area (in the winter, around 10 ℃ to 15 ℃, humidity around 60%)
・ It may be possible to reduce the risk of death by improving the growth speed. (For your reference, there is research to accelerate the growth rate with high-voltage current.)
・ Shiitake fungi are not strong in the first place, so other types of wood-rotting fungi (fungi that obtain nutrients from trees) may succeed.

That is the knowledge I can have.
With a commercially available cultivation kit, we were able to harvest up to 5 times in the past, but the size was basically small, about 60 pieces.

If you have realized infinite shiitake mushrooms, please contact us!
It doesn't do anything, but it's great.
By all means, we are looking for a challenger.