How to overcome the dislike of shiitake mushrooms. Why are so many people not good at shiitake mushrooms?

Hello, this is the islands.
Suddenly, everyoneDo you like shiitake mushrooms?
I was born and raised in a shiitake farm, but when I was a kid I didn't like shiitake mushrooms. ... I'm sorry, dad and mom. But now I really like it.

It seems that there are quite a few people in the world who dislike shiitake mushrooms, not just me when I was a child. The 5th Shiitake Mushroom Research InstituteActual conditions of dislike of shiitake mushrooms and how to overcome themLet's take a look at.

Do you hate shiitake mushrooms a lot?

By the way, how many people hate shiitake mushrooms?
Disliked food rankingLet's check from.

Source:Japan Sport Council2010 Survey Report on Dietary Situation of Children [Eating Habits Survey]

In the elementary school ranking10th.. And in the junior high school ranking8th placeIt is up to. Unfortunately, it seems that there are quite a few people who dislike shiitake mushrooms.

Why do you hate shiitake mushrooms?

Let's see why people don't like shiitake mushrooms.
There seem to be various reasons, but they can be broadly summarized into the following three.

  • BunyubunyuTextureIs not good at
  • tasteHabitThere is
  • AppearanceIs unpleasant

Shimashima, who hated shiitake mushrooms when he was a child, seems to understand somehow. Even if you think about it, shiitake mushrooms are a mysterious food.

It has a unique texture and taste, and I avoid it when I was a child with a keen sense. Because of its appearance, some people hate it because they don't eat it, and even when they grow up, they have never eaten a bite.

This is very disappointing.
I have introduced it at the Shiitake Mushroom Research Institute four times in the past,Shiitake mushrooms are rich in umami and nutrientsis. Its potential is immeasurable. It's an ingredient that you definitely want to be able to eat.

Three recommended ways to overcome

Let's see how to overcome the essential shiitake mushrooms.
Here are three.

① Distinguish delicious shiitake mushrooms

Is the shiitake mushroom that you usually buy casually really delicious?
Isn't it just choosing the one that is as large as possible or the one that has a beautiful round shape?
This time I would like to tell you how to choose raw shiitake mushrooms.

Conditions for delicious shiitake mushroomsIs like this:

  • (If packed) Those that do not have many water droplets
  • The back of the umbrella is white and beautiful
  • KasanoStrong winding and inner filmWhat is stretched

② Try an easy-to-eat bacterial species

Some people may think, "Even if you choose delicious shiitake mushrooms in ①, they will be shiitake mushrooms."

In fact, shiitake mushrooms have "bacterial species". There are various tomatoes such as "Momotaro", right? Originally, shiitake mushrooms also have bacterial species, but most of the shiitake mushrooms on the market are in a mixed state (and we do not know what kind of bacterial species). So even if you don't like the shiitake mushrooms you ate the first, the shiitake mushrooms you ate the second one are delicious! What can happen often. .. Therefore, choosing an easy-to-eat bacterial species is one solution.

It will be miso in the foreground, but at the Shiitake Festival THE SHIITAKE # 01 Has a sweet and fragrant taste without the habit of so-called shiitake mushrooms, so please give it a try.

③ Get used to the shiitake soup stock

Actually, even if I hate shiitake mushroomsYou can drink the soup stock extracted from shiitake mushroomsThere are many people who say. If you can stimulate the umami while feeling the flavor of shiitake mushrooms, you will gradually be able to overcome your dislike of shiitake mushrooms. If you want to return the dried shiitake mushrooms, it was in ②THE SHIITAKE # 01It has a strong umami taste and a refreshing soup stock.

If you don't want to put the dried shiitake mushrooms back, this is also our product, but it is a liquid type additive-free soup stock.oh dashi shiitake mushroom May be an ant because it can be used just by dissolving it in hot water (however, since it is a soup stock that strengthens the feeling of shiitake mushrooms, those who are not good at it may prefer shiitake mushrooms from THE SHIITAKE # 01)

④ Try to grow by yourself

Grow shiitake mushrooms yourselfThat makes me feel attached. It feels like a vegetable garden. By growing shiitake mushrooms yourself, it is no longer a mystery.Pesticide-freeYou will realize that shiitake mushrooms grown in Japan are safe foods.

We no longer sell shiitake mushroom cultivation kits, but here are some tips for growing shiitake mushroom cultivation kits. If you are interested, please.

Recommended way to eat to overcome the dislike of shiitake mushrooms

I didn't like shiitake mushrooms, but at one point my mother taught me how to eat them.Overcome the dislike of shiitake mushrooms.The way to eat it was as simple as unglazed freshly picked shiitake mushrooms and seasoned with butter soy sauce.

Even now, it's so delicious that you can drool just by imagining it.
It's not a recipe, but I eat it as follows.

  1. Tear off the legs of shiitake mushrooms from the root
  2. Turn over and bake on a net
  3. When water drops come out inside the umbrella, it's a sign that it's ready to eat
  4. Sprinkle butter and soy sauce
  5. Eat hot

Immediately after harvestFresh and firmThe texture and quirky flavorButter soy sauceIt is hidden moderately. Thanks to this dish, I was able to be reborn as a shiitake lover. Whether you hate shiitake mushrooms or, of course, like shiitake mushrooms, why not give it a try?

I want you to become more familiar with shiitake mushrooms. And I want many people to like shiitake mushrooms. The challenge of the Shiitake Festival continues.