To you who like shiitake mushrooms! I will teach you the conditions for really delicious shiitake mushrooms.

Hello, of shiitake love fellowShimashimaMy name is.

At the Shiitake Research Institute, which starts today, we would like to mobilize all of our knowledge and experience to publish articles that convey the appeal of shiitake mushrooms to people in the world.

Suddenly, do you know the scientific name of shiitake mushrooms?

Lentinula edodesEdDeath).
Yes, the old daysEdoIt was named in the times and became this name. Shiitake mushrooms, which have been loved by Japanese people for a long time, are attractive foods as you know them. It has a strong umami and a good texture. Rich in nutrition but low in calories. It's also useful as a soup stock. Before I knew it, I became a captive of shiitake mushrooms.

But do you know what a really delicious shiitake mushroom looks like? When shopping, are you choosing a big one for the time being? Identifying shiitake mushrooms is very easy once you remember them. Today I would like to give you some tips.
The first Shiitake Mushroom Research Institute to commemorateConditions for delicious shiitake mushroomsis.

Conditions for delicious shiitake mushrooms

The points of delicious shiitake mushrooms are the following three points.

  1. Strongly involved in the bulk and plump and thick
  2. Thick and short shaft
  3. The surface of the cap is not damaged and the inside is not discolored.

It's practice! Let's practice distinguishing delicious shiitake mushrooms in the picture.

Three shiitake mushrooms are lined up in the following photo. Do you know which one is delicious shiitake mushroom? ?? First is a photo from the side.

Next, it is a photograph that is turned upside down with the axis facing up while keeping the position.
You already know.They are arranged in the order of delicious shiitake mushrooms from the left.

The leftmost shiitake mushroom isPlump thicksoThe shaft is short and thickis not it. KasanoStrong involvementClean filmYou can see that it is stretched. Shiitake mushrooms are fungi. It flies spores for breeding. The spores are inside the umbrella. Spores are blown when opened. At this time, flavors and nutrients are also lost, so it is said that it is better to leave the film.

Shiitake farmers rank shiitake mushrooms according to the above criteria. The method of division differs depending on the region, but in the photo above, it is divided into A, B, and C grades from the left. Of course, high-ranked shiitake mushrooms will be distributed on the market as luxury products.

The delicious shiitake mushrooms have a crispy texture, and the umami ingredients overflow as you squeeze. The scent is not strong, but the unique flavor is soft and fluffy. If you use saute or simmered food, it's a food that can be the main character on the table.


A device to make shiitake mushrooms even more delicious

Speaking of the umami component of shiitake mushroomsGuanilic acidis. This guanylic acid is said to increase by drying. Shiitake mushrooms are delicious enough without doing anything, but since it's a big deal, let's devise something.

Dry in the sun for 30 minutes to 1 hour before eating.Place them upside down with the shafts facing up and expose them to sunlight. This will increase the flavor of the shiitake mushrooms. At the same time, it also increases vitamin D, which is good for the body.


Why don't you make delicious shiitake mushrooms at your home?

You are also an expert in distinguishing shiitake mushrooms.

Let's go to the supermarket and examine the shiitake mushrooms.

Delicious shiitake mushrooms are waiting for you!


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