Try it with fresh raw shiitake mushrooms. Easy and delicious snack recipe to eat up to the axis.

When you get fresh raw shiitake mushrooms, you want to taste the whole taste. Shiitake mushrooms that are delicious whether boiled, baked, fried or dried. The thick, crispy texture, mellow aroma, and depth of the overflowing soup stock have the charm of being the king of mushrooms.

Simple cooking is the best way to fully enjoy the delicious taste of shiitake mushrooms. This time, we will introduce a delicious snack recipe that is easy to make and delicious.


To eat raw shiitake mushrooms deliciously

First of all, in order to eat raw shiitake mushrooms deliciously, we will introduce how to choose shiitake mushrooms and the points of cooking.

1. 1. Choose an umbrella that isn't fully open

Raw shiitake mushrooms, which have a thin film and the umbrella is not fully opened, are in a state where spores, which are the source of umami ingredients, still remain. If the umbrella is closed, it is proof that you have a lot of umami. When it grows up and the umbrella opens, the spores fall off and the taste comes out.

2. 2. Choose one with a thick shaft

The shiitake mushroom shaft grows thick to support the thick umbrella on it. The thicker the shaft, the thicker and heavier the umbrella can grow. Thick shiitake mushrooms are more juicy and tasty, so look for one with a thick shaft.

3. 3. Pay attention to the orientation of the shiitake mushrooms when cooking

The folds inside the shiitake mushroom umbrella are filled with umami ingredients, so it is important to cook so that they do not escape. When baking, make sure the folds are on top. By the way, when frying, it is coated with clothes, and when boiling, it dissolves in the soup stock, so you can enjoy the whole flavor regardless of the orientation of the umbrella.

4. Let's eat deliciously to the axis

Not to mention the thick umbrella, the shaft also has a crunchy texture and is delicious. Cut off the stones at the tip of the shaft, separate the shaft from the umbrella, and split it appropriately to cook. It's a waste to throw it away.


Shiitake mushroom snack recipe to eat up to the axis

Once you get the fresh shiitake mushrooms, it is recommended to enjoy them on the day you arrive. Introducing a simple recipe to simply taste the whole raw shiitake mushrooms that are perfect for snacks.

"Shiitake steak"


  • 2 shiitake mushrooms
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • A pinch of salt or a little soy sauce

[How to make]

  1. Cut off the shiitake mushroom shaft, cut off the stones, and cut into 6 equal parts.
  2. Put olive oil in a frying pan, put the shiitake mushrooms on the folds, and start heating on medium heat. If water droplets appear on the surface of the folds, put the shaft part in an open space in the frying pan and cover it.
  3. Steam it for about 1 minute and it's done! !! Sprinkle salt or sprinkle with soy sauce if you like. It's fragrant and delicious to the extent that it is slightly charred.


One-time arrangement

Let's add some effort to the shiitake steak and arrange it! !!

  • Drop the butter and drip the soy sauce
  • Put side dish miso such as green onion miso on the market
  • Entangled with garlic oil and parsley
  • Put cheese and chopped ham on top (before closing the lid) for steaming


Let's try various ways to bake

You can also just spread aluminum foil, put shiitake mushrooms on top, and chin in an oven toaster for 3 to 5 minutes. It's also a good idea to roast the umbrella over low heat with the umbrella facing up.

In any case, heat it for about 1 minute after the water droplets appear on the surface of the folds, and when it becomes soft, it is ready. Enjoy the changes in texture and aroma. Please find your favorite cooking method.



We have introduced a simple snack recipe that allows you to simply taste the whole raw shiitake mushrooms.

The point of cooking deliciously is not to let the taste escape. Keep the folds facing up and keep the umami ingredients inside the umbrella while cooking.

You can eat as many as you like by arranging them with various seasonings.

Please come and enjoy the delicious shiitake mushrooms!