"Just eggs, water and dashi!" 3 minutes shiitake chawanmushi in the range" 3min - Jiggly Chawanmushi

(English below)

Ingredients (1 cup)

  • 1 egg
  • Oh! 1 package of daishi shiitake mushrooms
  • 80ml water



  1. Mix 80ml water, 1 oh dashi kelp and eggs. ※ It is recommended because it is more turturt if you filter the egg with tea making etc. and use only the yolk.
  2. Put them in a microwaveable mug or the like. (If you have a steam oven or steamer at home, it's better!) )
  3. Wrap and make about 10 small holes with a toothpick. Finally, the microwave oven 500W lasts 50 → 50 seconds → 30 seconds. Since preheating can be cooked by repeating heating + stopping, it is important to make it smoothly.

Even when you are busy, you can eat turtur's chawanmoku in a easy time.

Perfect amount for breakfast and dinner🍄

▶ oh dashi shiitake mushroom taste is this place


3min - Jiggly Chawanmushi recipe
Umami packed Japanese savoury egg custard


  • 1 egg
  • 1 oh dashi (kombu) or broth soup
  • 80ml water


  1. The Egg mixture making Chawanmushi only requires 4 ingredients, egg, oh dashi (or broth soup) and 80ml water. If you have a strainer, you should strain an egg.
  2. You can put them in a mug which is available for micro wave.
    (Of course, you have a steam oven or nice steamer, it would be more tasty.)
  3. Wrapped the mug and make 10 small holes on a wrap.
  4. At last, you can put it in microwave, and set 50 sec at 500W.
    and it stopped, set 50 sec again, and then 30 sec.

If you are in busy morning, you can cook very jiggly chawanmushi...!!
Please try it :)

If you are interested in oh dashi, please see here!