Shiitake mushroom dashi miso dandan noodles

Ingredients (for 2 people)

[Meat miso-style shiitake mushrooms]
  • Raw shiitake mushrooms (small) 4-6 sheets
  • Turmeric miso (miso can be used as a substitute) 2 tsp
  • A little sesame oil
  • 2 teaspoons of soy sauce
  • 2 tsp mirin
[Noodles and soup]
  • 2 Chinese noodles
  • oh dashi 2 packets
  • Turmeric miso (miso can be used as a substitute) 2 tbsp
  • Hot water 280cc
  • Soy milk (milk is also acceptable) 280cc
  • 1 shake of salt
  • Spices (cinnamon, cloves, pepper, five-spice powder, etc.)
  • 1 shake of chili oil

Cooking process
1. Make meat miso-style shiitake mushrooms.
Cut off the raw shiitake mushrooms and chop them into coarse pieces. Fry the shiitake mushrooms in a frying pan covered with sesame oil, add soy sauce, mirin, and miso and fry until dry.

2. Make soup. Boil water in a small pot, add oh dashi and miso, mix while dissolving, add soy milk, and season with salt and spices.

3. Boil the noodles in plenty of hot water for the specified time and drain them thoroughly.

4. Pour the boiled noodles and soup into a bowl and put the meat miso-style shiitake mushrooms on it. Finally, shake the chili oil to complete.

▶ oh dashi Click here for shiitake mushroom flavor
▶ Click here for fermented turmeric miso (jump to an external site)



Recipe devising
Rie Nitta
CEO of TABEL Co., Ltd./Table researcher
A registered dietitian and an international medicinal food cook. She sees food from various perspectives of the east and west, proposes food and the relationships and culture around it, and conducts product development and lectures in the region.
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