A little Italian! My cheese, a tomatoes, tomatoes, a cheese.

oh dashi tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, and recipes.

Materials (per person)

  • Tamonegi 1/4 ball
  • Bunami-ji 1/2 Puck
  • 1 Eringhi
  • a piece of curable cheese
  • Yomai 1 go
  • oh, dashi, tomato packaging, two packages.
  • Tomato Poule Dateau 3
  • Olive Oil Daisuji 2
  • 600 ml of water
  • Parsley, your favorite.
  • with salt tastes
  • with coarse grained taste

Cooking process

  1. To cut the onion, the elbow and the ringgit are cut into easy to eat, and they are heated in a frying pan, with olive oil in the pan.
  2. At the same time, you can mix water and oh dashi tomatoes in a pan to make soup and heat up until hot.
  3. If the elbow and the ellint become shinbun, put it in a pan without washing the raw rice
  4. When the surface of the rice becomes white, it becomes weak, and the hot soup is poured into a bowl of frying pan for two bowels.
  5. When the hot water is not evaporated, the soup is gradually added to the frying pan for 20 minutes, so that the soup is not evaporated without it.It sometimes shakes the frying pan so that the bottom is not scorched.
  6. If the core of rice is almost gone, stop the fire, and make the flavor by salt, then prepare the bowl for the bowl, the cheese, the pepper, and the parsley, and then complete it!

Oh, here's the details of the dashi tomatoes!