On a hangover morning. Instant turmeric miso soup to heal your tired body

Ingredients (for 2 cups)

  • oh dashi 1 pack
  • A little over 1 tablespoon of fermented turmeric miso (about 23g) * White miso etc. can be used as a substitute
  • Hot water 300cc
  • Appropriate amount of your favorite condiments and ingredients


    How to make

    1. Add 1 pack of oh dashi and fermented turmeric miso to hot water and mix.
    2. Add vegetables that have been boiled to your liking as ingredients, and you're done!

    ▶ oh dashi Click here for shiitake mushroom flavor

    ▶ Click here for fermented turmeric miso


    Recipe devising
    Rie Nitta
    CEO of TABEL Co., Ltd./Table researcher
    A registered dietitian and an international medicinal food cook. She sees food from various perspectives of the east and west, proposes food and the relationships and culture around it, and conducts product development and lectures in the region.
    A traditional tea brand that connects various parts of Japan, including research to incorporate Japanese native plants and herbs into daily life.{tabel}Will be launched in 2014. Incorporated into TABEL Co., Ltd. in August 2016, and started the Yakuso University NORM in 2018!