Bonito pot with sweet pumpkin and ginger

Materials (1 to 2 people)

Base ingredients

  • Butter nut pumpkin
  • 100g onion
  • Ginger G
  • Butter G

Other ingredients

  • 1 tablespoon of salad oil
  • Delicious shiitake mushroom tablespoon 1
  • Hot water
  • A pot
  • Fresh cream
  • Milk cow
  • Salt
  • I like vegetables in season

If you don't have good shiitake mushroom soup, you can make it with the noodle soup



  1. Fry base ingredients and fry in oil
  2. If you swallow the salt in the whole, it is delicious shiitake mushroom, add hot water and pot
  3. Take out the pot and add fresh cream and milk
  4. Put in a food processor until smooth paste
  5. Put the vegetables in season and boil and enjoy the pot!

Here are the details of NABE!

Delicious shiitake mushroom soup is here!


Recipe idea
Tanaka Yuki
Food Designer / Product Designer
As a designer, he took up his career as a cook for himself.
The art direction, the production of the kitchen product, and the specialty content. Cook of the cooking specialty. It deals with the events about cooking and the production of TV contents. Specialty is Singapore cuisine.