Brand guidelines

About the use of brandrogo

We grant the use of the appropriate logo icon for the employer free of charge only when the user uses the following terms and conditions to use the logo icons for our company's corporate logos and the services operated by our company.


The purpose of the Shiitake Matsuri Festival's corporate logo is limited to the introduction of the relevant companies and services on the external media and SNS, such as blogs that are operated by individuals.

It is forbidden to use the design of the logo icon as part of an app's icon or logo, or use it on a social network profile image or background.It also prohibits the sale of products with the logo that is applicable to us without our permission.

In addition, the usage will be prohibited for the notation and representation that we have deemed inappropriate, even for the purpose of use in this guideline, as well as for the purposes of use specified in this guideline.

This guideline is designed to help you use the appropriate logo, without having to sign a contract. If you use the appropriate logo in a way that is not included in these guidelines, attach a visual sample of intended design and contact info※

If you are using media media such as TV, newspapers, magazines or online articles, even if this license is met, please visit info※, please.
* Please replace @ with @.


Shiitake Matsuri Co., Ltd. logo

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