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I am caught in miso soup. There are 2-3 kinds of ingredients such as vegetables, mandan, oil, mushrooms, etc., and miso balls made by mixing red and white miso, grated onions, and apple cider vinegar. The dashi was a zero-ingredient miso ball and enough was a tatemae, but to the place where I thought there was nothing wrong, I got oh! dashi from the valentine's old man friend and tried it, compatibility. I became a fan completely. I also love the tomato flavor. With less life left, oh!dashi... Say hello to me for many years to go.


I often drink dashi as a change of pace during office work! We also use dashi when making other dishes such as egg grilling (as a replacement for coffee)! Name Otayu Noske Age 20s

Even if you drink it normally, it is oily, but it can be used for cooking without the hassle of dinging shiitake mushrooms! It is not only good for Japanese cuisine, but also for Chinese and Italian, so the repertoire that can be made immediately has increased! I think that I can still arrange it, so I will continue to use it in the future. Olive oil + salt or vinegar or lemon juice + various oh dashi dressings were better than I thought....!! It is recommended! Blown highlights😊 20s