Shiitake Festival products are registered as hometown tax returns in Onojo City, Fukuoka Prefecture, where they are manufactured.

There are registrations on multiple hometown tax payment sites, so I hope you can choose it on your desired site!

*You can perform a calculation simulation of the deductible amount of hometown tax payment here.


(1) oh dashi shiitake mushrooms (donation amount 5,000 yen)


(2) oh dashi shiitake mushroom + tomato 2 kinds set (donation amount 9000 yen)


(3) Delicious shiitake mushroom dashi (donation amount 7,000 yen)


(4) Hot pot dashi(Donation amount 7,000 yen)


(5) Gift set of 4 kinds of dashi and dried shiitake mushrooms(Donation amount 14,000 yen)