Hello. It is a bamboo village of shiitake mushroom festival.

Suddenly, I was in charge of the creative work of Kamiju no Sumi and Junya Ultraman!

I usually work as a shiitake dashi shop, but this time, I consulted with you if you can make kaiju no Sysu digitally on the theme of diversity, and creative direction of space and digital as shiitake mushroom festival! (The production team is listed in each video!) )

🔻Kaiju no Syminga CM

1-3-61 Goraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0004
Tokyo Dome City Gallery Armo
November 7, 2019 - January 26, 2020
Experience of directing (spatial floor plan of Tokyo Dome City Gallery Armo)
※ The drawing is an old version and is slightly different from the current state
In addition, we use Panasonic's latest equipment to create space for content such as pigmons, red kings, morpho butterflies, electrics, and baltan stars.



We are also looking forward to working on such digital production, so I would be happy if you could hear from us! Thank you very much.