Shiitake-no-matsuri Festival business is a business.
Matsuri is also an event to express the belief in nature and the land of the land.

The Shiitake Festival has a wide range of digital installation, web, app, and advertising, which are closely related to nature, and so on.

"MATSURI" means festival or Ritual Event in Japan.
We are "SHIITAKE MATSURI", so make digital-events and contents included space planning.
If you aren't the digital installation which connects with the nature, please contact us.
*Our domain: digital installation, web, app, etc.


Case Referral

Jūka Kaiju no Sumi

November 7, 2019, @Tokyo Dome, City Gallery, Amo

The theme of the term is "Kaiju no Sumika" (The Diversity of the Diversity).
I have been in charge of creative directives for space and digital content.


Yakusugi: The Trees of the World

April 18, 2018 @Milano Salone

Yakusugi in Yakushima Island, which the Japanese had been worshipped since ancient times, was Hisasugi.Hisasugi, who had been living for more than a thousand years, escaped natural disasters such as thunder and typhoons, and displayed the table through Projection in the Mirano Salone, rather than the time to come to this place.


The shiitake is flying and somen is flowing.

July 7, 2018, Shibuya 100BANCH

In Tanabata, on July 7, the day of dried shiitake mushrooms, Shiitake Matsuri (Shiitake Shiitake Festival) sold by Shiitake Matsuri (Shiitake mushroom festival) was held, and the event was held in which people tasted somen noodles in "oh! dashi" ("dashi" in Japanese).