Keep the world easy by breathing away

When a person becomes emotional, their breathing becomes faster and shallower.
In such a case, people calm down by taking a deep breath.

If you drink dashi or miso soup, you will feel relieved.
Even if you soak in the bathtub, you can breathe away.

Both dashi and bath are japanese people's favorite culture.
That's why we are expanding our "breather culture" to the world.
People all over the world keep themselves kindly,
It will help with the great goal of world peace.


Reduce your out-of-company. Let's all eat together.

All shiitake mushroom festival products are "completely plant-based".

We make products based on shojin so that people with various feelings and circumstances around the world can put on the same pot.

However, it is a major premise that it is safe, secure, and delicious.
We are making things that allow people who eat meat and fish and those who do not share "deliciousness".



Wood shiitake mushrooms may change forest making

All products used at shiitake mushroom festival use "raw wood shiitake mushrooms". The hardwood shiitake mushroom is planted directly on the hardwood to make shiitake mushrooms, and the hardwood that has finished making it is completely decomposed to nourish the mountain again.

Many mountains in Japan have very few hardwood trees, and the conifer forest rate has increased too much. And, it is said that it causes various problems such as landslides and hay fever. However, as the forestry industry itself declines, no one will do it unless hardwood is needed.

We are looking for the best hardwood for shiitake mushrooms, and we are aiming for a shape that can lead to the early start of demand for hardwood even a little.

This is a step forward as a Local Sustainable Development Goal that brings the SDGs down into much smaller local units.



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