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100% dried shiitake mushroom shiitake mushroom

100% dried shiitake mushroom shiitake mushroom

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Sugarcane mushroom made from 100% native Japanese traditional farming, Shimanto Machi, Kochi Prefecture.
It is cultivation by the cucumber and the pear by the agricultural chemicals cultivation.
Because it is cut shape, there is a meal to use when it is used for soup.

It is the selection item of only the highest quality raw mushroom shiitake which the member of shiitake festival that is eating only shiitake mushroom is chosen. We want to clarify the species and classify what kind of taste we would like to know about the deeper shiitake world.

Content 100g
Raw material name Shiitake mushrooms
Nutrient composition (around 100g)
* display value is standard.

Energy 182 kcal
Lipid lipids
Equivalent salt

Deadline One year after production
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature low humidity
Caution when eating Haruki shiitake is a method of growing shiitake mushrooms from trees placed in the forest.
Please take care not to eat if it is attached to the shaft of shiitake mushroom, for example.

The fragrance is soft and taste is sweet blend.
The following kinds of shiitake mushroom species are included.

Classification of taste

■ 115
Representative of Japan mushroom center. It is characterized by an umbrella like a mountain range with a crack, and it is white like a pile of snow at the top of each mountain. It is mainly used for steak shiitake mushroom.
115 there are many kinds of brand shiitake mushroom, and it is the same as the fungus of this type, such as' tame Tama 'and' Tsugaru no okimi 'in excess of 30000 yen. It is recommended to eat and eat well when you eat.

■ 240
Shiitake mushroom fungus of shiitake mushroom Festival. It is blackish with a rugged surface. It is soft and sweet fragrance, and does not seem to be shiitake mushroom. Therefore, it is recommended for people who don't like shiitake mushroom. Just put it into the soup or soup.

■ 193
115 there is a vein in the umbrella. Shiitake mushroom characterized by a fragrance like garlic. It is recommended to bake and eat even if heated.

■ 324
It is characteristic that the surface color of the umbrella is slightly thin, and there are many without the pulse.
It is a kind of black coffee that slowly spreads slowly and the taste is clear.
240, it is suitable for boiling and soup, but especially when it is cold, so it is recommended to eat it in tsukuda and preserved in refrigerator.

The thought of "thiitake"

When I look at the mushroom that is lined up in the supermarket, it is selected and sold by the opening condition of the shiitake mushroom such as the production area "winter" and "Koshin".
In fact, there are many varieties of shiitake mushrooms that have different personalities. However, most of the mushrooms in the market are categorized by the availability of the production area + umbrella.

In other words, it may be really delicious for the person, and there may be other shiitake mushrooms in the mouth.
I want you to know the world of shiitake mushroom further by comparing shiitake mushroom according to variety.
This time, I made the mushroom shiitake mushroom set which is very maniac.
Please take your eyes off the nose and take your breath slowly.

Delicious recipe


Sliced raw wood shiitake minerrooms grown in Shimanto CHO, Kotsu Province, 100% domestically using traditional methods.
The shiitake mushrooms are grown without using ides.
Sen it is cut into cubes, it is very satisfying to eat when used in soup.

The members of shiitake Matsuri Inc, who eat only shiitake mushrooms, select only the highest quality raw wood shiitake mushrooms for this selection About the world of shiitake mushroom.

Confluence 100g
Aggredients Shiitake mushrooms
Adult information (per 100g)
The projected value is a guide.
Energy 182 kcal
Protein 19.3g
Fat 3.7 G
Carbonate 63.4g
Salt equivalent
Expiration date 1 year from
How to keep At room temperature in a humid place away.
Notes This shiitake is a method of growing shiitake mushroom from trees located in the forest.

This blend has a soft coconut and a sweet taste.
The following types of shiitake mushrooms registered are included in this product.

About the flavor classification

■ 115
This is the representative species of the Japanese mushroom center. It is characterized by its cracked and bumpy umbrella.

■ 240
This is the most popular type of shiitake mushroom has a black ish color with a rugged surface like a rock Expansion.

■ 193
Like 115, there are veins (cracks) in the umbrella, but they spread out like a river rather than a mountain range. Shiitake mushrooms are characterized by their garlic-like aroma. It does not become squishy when heated, so it is recommended to eat it grilled.

■ 324
The surface color of the umbrella is slightly lighter, and many of them have no veins.
The aroma is like black coffee, and the aftertaste is clean.

Our thoughts on THE SHIITAKE

When you see raw wooden shiitake mushrooms lined up in supermarkets, they are sold by sorting them according to their place of origin and the degree of opening of their umbrellas, such as "Donko" or "Koushin.
In fact, just like fruit brands, there are several varieties of shiitake mushrooms with different personalities, but most of the raw wooden shiitake mushrooms on the market are sold as a mixture of different varieties because they are sorted according to their origin and umbrella opening.

In other words, there may be other shiitake mushrooms that are truly delicious and suitable for your palate.
We want people to learn more about the world of shiitake mushrooms by comparing different varieties.
With this in mind, we have created an extremely maniacal set of dried shiitake mushrooms that shows the species of the shiitake mushroom.
Please close your eyes, breathe in slowly through your nose, and enjoy!

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